Facial Implants - Chin | Jaw | Cheeks

The appearance of your face is determined by three basic components: skin, soft tissues and underlying facial bones. If the structure of your face is disproportionate , the chin is recessed, the jaw undefined or cheeks are recessed , it can significantly affect your self image. Defined facial features, visible contours and natural angles that are proportionate all create structural balance in your face and a more attractive appearance.If you are bothered by a small chin, weak jaw or lack of facial contour, plastic surgery with facial implants may benefit you. While any area of your face can be augmented with implants, the cheekbones, chin and jaw are the most common sites for facial implants. Facial implants bring balance and better proportion to the structural appearance of your face. They define your face by increasing projection and creating more distinct features.

What are facial implants?

Facial implants are specially formed solid, biocompatible materials designed to enhance or augment the physical structure of your face. The precise type and size of implants best suited for you requires an evaluation .

Chin implants can increase the size and projection of a chin that does not project in proportion with the forehead and mid-face.

Jaw implants increase the width of the lower third of your face. Much like the chin, a weak jaw can be thought of as one that is not well-defined and distinct from the neck.

Cheek implants increase the projection of the cheekbones. They add volume to areas which may be recessed. It's important to remember that all of our faces are asymmetric to some degree and your results may not be completely symmetric. The goal is to create balance and proportion. Your procedure may be performed alone, or as a complement to other facial contouring procedures such as nose surgery.

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  • Laser Tattoo Removal
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  • Laser Toning
  • Carbon Peel
  • Laser For Pigmentations
  • Laser Vein Treatment
  • Fractional Co2
  • Laser Facial Rejuvenation
  • Laser Resurfacing

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