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Kyra clinic is way different from other plastic Surgery clinics across North India.I’m so glad I booked my surgery from Dr.Vikas.Their Staff and Doctors are very Accomodating and welcoming. Had a very comfortable experience with my Liposuction and Fat grafting to Face and Hands . My results are improving day by day.Feeling really confident about my looks. Will definitely visit again!
Era Gabdhi
I had always been conscious of my old and wrinkled hands,tried to get some help from the dermal fillers but nothing worked like Fat grafting to my hands..The procedure was very comfortable and quick ..Absolutely wonderful results.Dr.Gawri has a great hand in all cosmetic procerdures.Highly recommend Kyra clinic to everyone for their Quality results!!
During my last trip to India,I met Dr.Vikas in Ludhiana.I’m impressed with the utmost dedication and passion of the surgeon.Me and my wife got some Laser treatments and I got Fat grafting done to my Hands along with the Ultrasonic Liposuction for abdomen..Recovery was Quick and my Follow ups were carefully planned..A great clinic with all best technologies.

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