Gynaecomastia or Man boobs is a condition where chest area of a male is enlarged and has fat accumulation and it starts looking like female breasts.

Man boobs look odd and weird and is usually a subject of ridicule and harassment by friends, co-workers, and peers. They may lead to low self esteem in men and causes inhibition and embarrassment when performing activities which require undressing in-front of other people like locker room, massage, common bath or shower, swimming, walking on beach or during love making.

It’s usually caused during hormonal imbalance and can occur at any stage in life be it childhood, puberty, middle or old age. Androgen hormone which is present in both males and females but produces more of testestore in males and estrogen in females when starts behaving erratically due to a wide number of reasons like genetics, medication of any kind, exposure to some chemicals and herbs, injury, obesity, disease, stress, drug or steroid abuse it could lead to a number of problems including Gynaecomastia.

In the above scenario the male body starts producing more estrogen than required thus leading to this condition.

So the first thing you should do if you find there is a certain amount of extra skin, tenderness, pain or swelling on your chest is to consult our team of Doctors. We will examine and after consultation suggest you one of the various options possible depending on your condition like medication, liposuction, removal of fat tissue in chest, life style and diet plan etc.