Cheeks Enhancement and Lift Surgery

The cheek area on your face defines the youthfulness. A limited volume is considered attractive with vibrancy. Due to aging and other factors, the cheek areas experience a deflation and start looking flat. This flattened look makes the outer skin layer appear hollowed or saggy. As a result, a person looks old and tired. For people suffering from hollowed or saggy cheeks, Kyra Aesthetic Clinic offers cheek enhancement and lift surgery. We have experienced surgeons and a well-equipped facility to ensure top-level surgery results and comfortable experience for you.  

Cosmetic cheek enhancement

With a lift provided to your cheeks via a surgical procedure, you attain more volume and a lift, depending on the original condition. If needed, the surgeon makes several cheek alterations as well as lower eyelid adjustments to resolve the condition of a tired, dull-looking face.

What could a cheek enhancement and lift surgery do for you?

Cheek enhancement is performed to restore a 3-dimensional projection of the middle area of your face and create a youthful contour. For enhancement, a surgeon might transfer some fat to your cheeks. The results look natural, which makes this surgical procedure highly popular among men and women. A small incision is made by an experienced surgeon to conduct alterations and adjustments during the surgery. The results are permanent without any permanent side effects. Hence, you can trust this approach to make your facial features look younger once again. Our surgeon studies even the minute hollowness and heaviness present in your mid-face area. With this evaluation, he prepares a strategy and approaches your cheek enhancement and lift accordingly.  

How is a cheek lift surgery performed?

A cheek lift surgery requires small incisions along with your ear and hairline. The surgeon keeps the incisions precisely small to avoid any visible scars. The elevation of sagging tissues provides the needed level of lift. In the same procedure, the surgeon reduces the nasolabial lines, visible around your mouth. The cheek tissue gets a lift with the help of sutures. This provides a fuller, healthier and younger look after full recovery.

Techniques utilized in cheeks enhancement and lift procedure

In a traditional method, the incision is created in nasolabial folds or lower lash to reach cheek tissues. These incisions are called trans conjunctival incisions. Another method is known as an endoscopic incision, in which, the incision is made behind your hairline. It stays hidden from the direct view of your face and allows complete access to facial muscles during the surgery. Hence, he can provide a diagonal and vertical lift to your cheeks with precision. With a percutaneous cheek lift surgery, you acquire skin lift with really small incisions conducted by the expert. This method is minimally invasive that helps to diminish age lines around your nose and mouth. The surgeon leverages this method simply to adjust the position of the fat pad. A significantly small incision along the temple hairline and two extremely tiny holes on your cheek are created. These incisions and punctures help to place the needles in correct positions to create fine sutures.  

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By opting for this surgery, can enhance the look of your saggy or hollowed cheeks to look welcome a younger looking version of you who is vibrant and attractive.Cheek enhancement and life surgery can leave scars. However, they are usually inside the mouth to avoid being visible. The surgeon also makes small incisions to ensure no visible scarring.Though complications are rare, some of the risks include excessive bleeding, infection, and nerve damage. The surgeon will discuss all your options beforehand to achieve your goals safely. .If you wish to combat the signs of aging visible on your cheeks, our experienced surgeons at Kyra Clinic along with a well-equipped facility will ensure you get top-level surgery results.


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